Stanford ME 314 - Good products, Bad products

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well the year 2013 is hours away from history and I am just opening my account in blogging for this year. If I look back and write about the one interesting thing I did this year, it will be on the course I did in Stanford - ME 314 Good products, bad products.

The reason I enrolled in that course was mainly because of the title of the course that caught my attention to give it a shot. I wanted to understand everything about what makes a good product and what doesn't make one. In that process I went through the reading Good Products, Bad Products: Essential Elements to Achieving Superior Qualityby James Adams and had the privilege of listening to entrepreneurs (like the CEO of Icon Aircraft, Tegu toys to name a few). The way they conceived their product ideas, creating models and turning those into great products is an inspiration for me in that it gave me a taste of what product design is all about.

Before taking this course, I had little idea of how some factors like emotions, aesthetics, elegance and sophistication would play a vital role in making a great product and that reading changed a lot about my perception of a good product. Through that reading and doing my own comparisons between a good and bad product based on some of the above criteria, I understood what separates a cheese from a chalk.

Through field research and producing some product related videos, we got better insights about good products and the foundations of making one. From that point, my standards for making product purchase decisions not only increased to a new level, but also got more smarter. These days I not only look for that good product which will exceed my expectations, but find all compelling evidence on what makes it good among it's counterparts and that's how I made one of my smart purchases of this year, the Kindle Paperwhiteamong a plethora of e-readers in the market.

So the next time you think about product quality, be it to design or buy one, Good products/Bad products will be your savior.

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