MS&E 242S in Stanford - A Quality course in Investment Science

Saturday, September 11, 2010

If you are following my recent posts, they are related to Investment Science - the recent course I completed in Stanford, just want to write a little about that and also on the importance of understanding about investments.

The MS&E 242S is offered through SCPD (a program which accepts working professionals to study part time there) in Stanford, though initially I was uncomfortable in grasping some of the investment  terminologies, but now I am very keen to write about those because I want to keep a reference of the important concepts of investment science which can be put into practical use.

Let me give you a short summary of what this course is about.

1. What will you learn?
2. Which part of it I liked the most?
3. References to this course
4. Where to enroll to this course

1. What will you learn? Well it's mainly about the scientific principles and practical applications of investment science which will help you to make good investment decisions like deciding among several investment options, understanding different kinds of investments, investment decisions under uncertainty and so on, everything clearly elucidated with classic real world examples

2. Which part of it I liked the most? Well it's everything because I wasn't aware of those concepts before I took this course but what fascinated me the most is the techniques to immunize an investment portfolio (specific to bond investments) against factors that affect the value of the investments over time (like interest rates, yields), ideally that should inspire anyone to research more on the techniques to immunize different kind of investments, because at the end of that day no one wants to lose money....

3. References to this course: One of the best books on this subject is Investment Science by Luenberger, ideally it should be on your bookshelf if you are keen on investment related studies, but it's also a very good read to understand different concepts in investments which you may hear in day to day life like Mortgages, auto loans, long term growth of an investment , modern investment portfolio and so on, you will learn more on solving some problems at the end of each chapter.

4. How to enroll in this course: It's offered in different quarters, but check this page for more details.

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