How to keep your system working in Windows 7 when your close your laptop lid

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The reason I am writing this post is because of the frustration I had at times when I started some tasks in my laptop (especially the number of ssh sessions I open through Putty in my VPN connection) expecting it to keep running after I go sleep, but to my surprise often when I resume working, I notice the following.

1. The system goes to sleep state.
2. My VPN connection through Internet goes down when I resume working and so on.

Though we can control the system behavior when closing the laptop lid, but I realized that that alone may not suffice if one wants to keep the system working without any slight change in behavior due to system power settings, therefore select the safest option in Power settings when you are away and you need to keep your computer working on for hours and days without any interruptions.

1. Click Start (The bottom leftmost button with Windows symbol in your laptop) -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Change what the power buttons do

2. Select the following settings for different options as shown below (see the figure below as well):

2.1 When I press the power button: Select Shut down for both On Battery and Plugged in options
2.2 When I press the sleep button: Select Do nothing for both On Battery and Plugged in options
2.3 When I close the lid: Select Do nothing for both On Battery and Plugged in options

Note: I am not arguing that it's the best option, but it works for me.

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