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Saturday, May 16, 2009

No, its not about money to stimulate your career, but its a Career Stimulus package from Sun with which you can grow your career in this tough economy by improving your skill sets, creating more opportunities and ultimately earn money. Sun has always been an innovative company and we care about developer community, students, universities, startups, eco-friendliness, open source and so on, this unique career stimulus program is designed to help you grow your career in this tough economy to get a competitive advantage with diverse skill sets on Sun technologies like Solaris and java to name a few.

Sun is always the one stop shop for world class open source software like OpenSolaris, Java, OpenOffice, Glassfish, XVM, etc, you will likely see that one or the other page or business sites you visit on a day would have been powered by a Sun technology, be it a hardware or software, therefore expertise in Sun technologies will always be beneficial for your career and I see lots of interest among some of my blog visitors who are keen to get more knowledge on Sun Certifications, notably the Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSA) and Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), but they want to know more about the resources to get trained and prepare for those certifications.GetJava Download Button

Let me go through this Career Stimulus Package in detail.

1. Sun Career Stimulus Package

The Stimulus package web is designed to help you in everything, learning, getting certified, updating your resume with customized OpenOffice templates and making an illustrious career out of it, subscribe to it today to make the most out of it.

2. Sun Open Learning CenterInnovate on OpenSolaris

This is the home for you to get access to training materials for certifications, learning and getting hands on with Sun technologies, many people aspiring to become Sun Certified Professionals often mail me about the certification and training resources they need to get certified with Sun technologies, for them, please bookmark this page.

3. Sun Learning Media

The definitive resource for online learning, get access to presentations, white papers on different technologies, innovations and other learning media, this is not only limited to certifications, but above and beyond that, you can visit the most viewed, popular and recent articles, in short this is your technology playground if you are tech savvy.

4. Downloads Use

Last but not the least, I need to mention this, get your own copy of Netbeans IDE, OpenOffice, Java, OpenSolaris, Glassfish, MySQL, Desktop Virtualization software, JavaFX and so on for free, I am sure once you get these, you must be thinking of a startup of your own without any software license investments.

Hope this would give an overview of Sun's offerings and its upto you to get the best out of them, to conclude, Sun is not only the Dot in the Dot Com boom, but the Star of the Silcon Valley, the heart of the Internet, the second definition of open source and never sets.

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