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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last week I enrolled into Internet Commerce Graduate course offered through Stanford University's Management Science and Engineering Department through SCPD, for those are not aware of SCPD, its Stanford Center for Professional Development which offers Stanford graduate degrees certificates for working professionals.

I enrolled into the Management Science and Engineering course with a long term goal to get an MS Degree in it, before that my short term goal is to complete a Graduate Certificate in Management Science and Engineering by early next year after which I will apply for MS in Management Science and Engineering part time with my GRE scores through Stanford's HCP (Honors Cooperative Program), it was a good experience till date where I attended a couple of lecture classes of Prof. Ashish Goel , I felt I really learnt a lot and satisfied and what more, raring to go for the challenges ahead.

Graduate Certificate in Management Science and Engineering requires 4 courses which includes an elective from different areas of focus in Management Science and Engineering, the good thing is if you pursue your MS in Management Science and Engineering after your graduate certificate, you can substitute the courses you had taken in your graduate certificate towards the degree and based on the subjects in the curriculum, I feel its a great value add for working professionals.

MS in Management Science and Engineering is an unique degree with the right blend of engineering and management subjects, its hard to describe this course with its diverse focus areas above and beoynd engineering, but from the objectives I see that its designed to equip you with the right technical knowledge and business acumen required for strategical decision making and fits exactly to my needs, looking into managerial aspects from an engineer's perspective.

The core subjects like Dynamic Systems, Linear and Nonlineaer Optimization, Strategy in Technology-Based Companies, Risk Analysis, Production Systems, etc should give a better insight on engineering and technological aspects of Management Science.

The electives I feel are highly customized to the needs and interests of the student from different areas like Information Technology, Enterpreneurship, Economics, Operations research, etc, overall I feel the curriculum for this course is very intelligently designed to suit the student's interests and goals.

The final question Why did I opt for this course, mainly because I feel that to be successful in this competitive IT world, business intelligence is more important than business knowledge and the more you explore on how different kinds of business models work, the methods/techniques by which you derive an optimal strategy for success, the better it will be for your profession and I feel that this course has every ingredients of it.

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Krish said...

Hi Prasanna, My name is Krishnan and I am an Oracle ERP consultant based out of the Bay area. I am exploring the possibility of doing the Managament Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate in Stanford and came across your site and thought will get some advice from you. When you get a chance can you let me know your mail id or drop in a mail to me at
Thanks for your time on this.


ameet said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

I'm thinking about doing Managament Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate at Stanford. Can you please share more info on how far you are with it, your experiences so far, if any opinions, if it adds any value. Do you think it will help for product management positions. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much!


Prasanna Seshadri said...

Please note that this is not MBA, at least according to my opinion, in this you will learn about all stuff you need to know to make good business decisions, the courses are very hectic but well worth the money for what you will learn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

How hard is it to get an admit into the MS program with the graduate certificate grades ? Can you use the GPA you got in your grad cert while applying for MS ? What is the expected GPA ?

Prasanna Seshadri said...

I just completed my grad certificate with a GPA of 3+, need to apply to tell you how tough it is, but my thinking is graduate certificate will generally make a strong application.

Anonymous said...

I finished my Grad Cert in Dec 2010 as well and planning to apply for HCP. We should connect and discuss timelines and strategies of this application.


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