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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the past when I was looking for free/open source HTML editors, what separated me from searching for a complete HTML editor toolkit or a Web page builder where I can key in the HTML text, add images, forms, edit a HTML page, save and publish it was the keyword WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), I know most of you would have known this term which is just simple, with respect to HTML, whatever content you add or edit, say text, image, form, table, etc is what you will see or in other words a software which will hide HTML code details from you when creating your own web page with different components, enabling you to create your own website in minutes!

It goes without saying that I use WYSIWYG editors to keep it simple, although HTML standards across browsers and validity should never be compromised, but with advancements in WYSIWYG editors with sophisticated features, there is a compelling reason to use them and of course if you need to maintain HTML standards, you might need to check/tweak the generated code to confirm to the standards, from my experience, most of the times the code it generates is HTML transitional and works across different browser platforms, so here are my favorite ones.

1. Amaya
2. SeaMonkey
3. Kompozer
4. Trellian

1. Amaya

A highly effective open source cross platform WYSIWYG editor with rich features to make HTML page creation simple, the screenshot says it all, I am impressed with the placement of the buttons needed to format HTML at the right corner (reminds me of the days where I worked in Visual Basic), which is convenient to use for quick, effective formatting of the web page, the more you use it and learn, the less time it takes to create your dream HTML page, great effort!

I am listing this because its is a convenient tool which you can start with in any platform without much work as its available as a Mozilla platform suite in many UNIX flavors by default (of course you need to download it for Windows), infact I use this extensively in Solaris when preparing product documentations, how-to pages and I should say it lived upto my expectations, it prompts me for updates regularly which means a lot of development and bug fixing activity is going on there and why not, its powered by Mozilla, I will add this to my kitty as its an ever reliable tool.

3. Kompozer

A lightweight HTML WYSIWYG editor which will be productive for you when you create your own site, every tool has an unique feature which distinguishes itself and for Kompozer, its the Nvu Site Manager in the left corner where you can create your own folders/HTML files for your website, manage, edit and publish them, interesting to know that its powered by Mozilla, but its also evident from some of the menu items, which are similar to that of SeaMonkey.

Trellian is a powerful WYSIWYG editor for Windows which I use at times, it also comes with an SEO toolkit which may be useful for bloggers and I need to explore more about that, given that search engines like blogs as they are updated frequently, you always need to be search engine friendly, one more thing, be sure that you read their FAQ before proceeding with the installation.

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