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Monday, January 26, 2009

Over the past five years or so, Professional Blogging has come of ages with many success stories like Amit Agarwal, Darren Rowse, Joel Comm, Yaro Starak, Caroline Middlebrook to name a few, although the list doesn't end here, thanks to Google Adsense, an innovative idea to make money online through relevant ads which has taken online advertisement to a new high.

With that being said, there are enthusiastic wannabe professional bloggers all around the world looking for more information related to Google Adsense, Adwords, Ad Placement, Ad Optimization, Keywords, niche, etc, the problem is that with too much information, it really gets hard to find definitive a reference for Google Adsense for your success, When I began blogging, so was my case, although writing about technical subjects was my passion even otherwise, just wanted to add more spice to it by designing the blog well with the right templates for good user experience and of course some targeted and RELEVANT ads, so far it worked reasonably well and want to share some of the Google Adsense references which were very useful for me till date.

Even though there are lots of references on Google Adsense from code level to high level overview of its working, the following are some books/online references which I found were very effective, in the sense it says it all.

1. The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense

Written by Joel Comm, this is a very reference which should be there in every professional blogger's bookshelf, of course if you use Google Adsense, even otherwise you can learn about finer aspects of designing a blog and techniques like Ad placement, Ad layouts, examples on how to blend relevant Ads with text which may be useful for the end user, keywords, etc. The title in fact puzzled me as it says "What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense", initially I thought its all about making money through Adsense or generic tips on making money through Google Adsense, but when I completed the book I learnt a lot of technical aspects of Google Adsense as well, from Adsense code, Ad optimization, layout and placement, therefore my expectations were met.

There are lots of good reviews about this book and I am just one of the beneficiaries, in short if you want to be a professional blogger with Google Adsense as a revenue stream and want to work on it, then this is for you, the example sites mentioned in this book to illustrate different designs and Ad layouts are very valuable indeed and you need not be a core techie to go through those concepts and implement them.

Still want more data? Go through Darren Rowse's review on What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense which motivated me to pursue this in first place.

2. Inside Adsense

The official blog for Google Adsense from Google Engineers, this is the page I usually land in for all updates related to Google Adsense from new features to tips for monetizing, exclusively for Adsense publishers, if you want to keep yourself up to date with the cool things happening in the Google Adsense world like the recent Ad Manager feature, then you should be one of its subscribers

There are still lot more things to add to the list, as and when I find something interesting ,be it a book or another definitive online resource for Google Adsense, it will be updated here.

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