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Thursday, January 8, 2009

When you start blogging, the questions which might flash immediately are

1. Which platform to choose
1. How to get ideas for your blog
3. How to get traffic, improve page rank, SEO, etc
4. How to attract and RETAIN (not so easy part) visitors to the blog
5. How to be a professional blogger (everything from your blog title, URL and the text matters)
6. How to monetize your blog

Questions galore, but even though the above questions are common and may seem quite trivial, the answers are not, in this article I want to share my experience on some good readings on this subject, if you are serious about blogging, be it a full time or part time or hobby, the following readings and websites may be helpful.

This is the ideal beginners book for wannabe professional, full time bloggers. It just has four simple chapters, Planning, Publishing, Profiting from a blog and doing your own blogging business, though I brought to get learn finer aspects of professional blogging, but then realized that this book is for beginners to get a grip on blogging on their way to becoming a professional blogger.

What you will learn.... Most of the things would seem trivial to you if you already blog, but you will learn a lot of new things as well like popular blogging applications, services, hosted and free blogs, their pros and cons and selecting the right platform which will suit for you, etc, also there are good tips on how to add relevant ads which would suit your blog, which platforms are Ad friendly in that you can easily deploy your ad, etc.

The other parts of this book covers on details like how to generate traffic (like which sites you need to submit your blog to get more search results), page rank and SEO services.

The last part of this reading discusses about the most exciting part, i.e profiting from a blog, the ways to generate revenue, the sources for regular stream of revenue, the effective and popular advertising/affiliate vendors, finally it sums up well with making your own business out of a blog after you know the basics, in my opinion, this should be the FIRST book in blogging for beginners as its just short and sweet, I just completed this one travelling in a flight.

2. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

This is the book you should start once you complete the previous one, assuming that you have the basic knowledge about blogging and want to fine tune your blogging skills in your quest to become a ProBlogger, then you landed on the right place. Though I brought this one to get more technical details on how to customize blog layouts, monetize, etc, but this book somehow satisfied me in the sense that I got some new information which I can effectively put into use.

Like any other blogging books, Darren Rowse mentions his background too, how he lived, blogged and how that interest turned him into a professional blogger in years, everything in a short and concise way,which should be inspiring for any aspiring ProBlogger, giving a prelude about his journey to achieving six figure income through blogging should motivate any ProBlogger for sure.

Unlike the first book which is for beginners, here you will learn some specific steps to set up your blog platform, selecting the blogging service, how to find a topic of interest, the business oppurtunity, some common pitfalls to avoid, SEO services, tracking, retaining visitors and monetizing, I am sure that this would be your way to six figure income as well one day if you use wisely.

Online References:

1. - Darren Rowse's blog for ProBloggers, an excellent online resource for bloggers of all level.
2. - The official blog of Amit Agarwal, India's only professional full time blogger till date who writes about technology, but do read his about me page which should motivate ProBloggers to reaffirm their belief that one can be successful as a blogger and make a comfortable living out of it,also he has some excellent articles on blogging basics.

Finally some small tips from a rookie blogger (which is me)....

1. Once you start blogging, just go on and on and on without any stops.
2. Read and learn from all resources online and book readings.
3. Be Patient, but make progress, attracting and retaining visitors will not happen in a day.
4. Most importantly, focus on your expertise and choose an area YOU like, to be successful.

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