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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today I took my first Solaris 10Certification exam Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) and cleared it with 86% score, there were 52 questions in it and I got 45 of them right. Even though I have been working in Solaris environment for some years, but I wanted to rate/test myself on my Solaris skills and with little preparation, got a good result, also its not a cake walk either, as always I learn something new with every adventure, so that served the purpose of going for this certification at the first place and spending some time on it.

The Sun Certified Solaris Associate (SCSAS) is the recent Solaris 10 Certification exam introduced by Sun mainly for beginners who want to get a basic knowledge of UNIX environment through Solaris 10, if you are a UNIX newbie, I strongly RECOMMEND this to you as you will get a solid foundation in Solaris/UNIX environments by taking SCSAS and will feel much more confident in working with Solaris or other UNIX Environments.

For intermediate or experienced Solaris Programmers who are keen on pursuing advanced certifications like Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris Operating System (SCSA) or Sun Certified Network Administrator for the Solaris Operating System (SCNA) or Sun Certified Security Administrator for the Solaris Operating System (SCSECA), this may be a good warm up to refresh their basic Solaris skills before advancing to further levels, in any case having a certification like this would be handy as one can establish themselves in Solaris with an officially recognized certification like this.

Also for University students, this would be the first place to start with to get some recognition for your UNIX/Solaris skills before getting into the industry, OK lets look at the concepts tested in SCSAS, I have subdivided into five categories.

The Certification Objectives....

1. Understanding Solaris desktop environment, command line, searching man pages, introduction of Korn, Bourne, C Shells and simple system security concepts you need to be aware of.
2. Getting comfortable with file systems, directory manipluation, search commands, vi editor, file/directory permission concepts and Configuring Access Control lists.
3. Understanding UNIX Processes, the commands associated in creating tasks, killing processes and other aspects process handling.
4. Advanced shell functionality, shell metacharacters, shell scripting, customizing your environments on different shells.
5. Archiving techniques and commands for remote file transfer.

Getting hands on in these concepts will always be helpful for any UNIX environments and from my experience, even though I was initially complacent and took a practice test hoping to complete the formalities soon, I was really humbled as this certification requires some preparation no matter how much UNIX experience you may, it will just expose the areas you need to focus as it did it for me, prompting me to learn for a couple of days, tying up some loose ends.

Tips and Suggestions.... Finally my suggestions for those who wanna take this exam would be as follows.

1. If you are a UNIX newbie, give yourself a couple of months and most importantly work in a Solaris 10 environment, try and experiment in your system, get as comfortable as you can, master all the features and objectives of SCSAS so that you WILL never forget those anytime as that's the purpose of doing this certification.

2. If you are an intermediate level Solaris programmer, then this is for you as I mentioned earlier, it will expose the areas you need to focus and improve on, so that you can become a better UNIX programmer.

3. If you call yourself as a Solaris Guru, then it won't hurt to reaffirm that belief through this certification, I am sure some of them might require you to think.

References and Readings Though there were not any official certification material released for this, if you need some reference, any reading on Sun Solaris 10 or Solaris 10 Complete Reference may help, but those might be a little overkill for beginners, I can help with some beginners materials for this through Sun, also Sun is promoting/encouraging Solaris awareness among beginners and university students with many good initiatives, do let me know if you are serious about it.


akki said...

Looks like you use the Solaris 10 essentials guide to help you prepare. How was the coverage of the book in terms of the exam questions?
A speedy reply will be appreciated as I'm taking the exam real soon :)


Prasanna Seshadri said...


I was using many references for that exam, if you are keen on getting through, then look at the exam objectives here.

If you are a student, then do visit

where you will get discounts on Sun certification and some practice exams, also the following link would be useful if you want to explore about Sun technologies and other certifications.

In any case this exam is just for beginners to refresh some basic concepts in Solaris and any good books on Solaris would help.

akki said...

I got through with 82p.
The exam was easy, but fun. Made me think deep on a lot of things. And of course uncovered a lot of flags for frequently used commands that I had never seen.
There were about 4-5 of questions on ACLs which is of particular importance for setting fine grained permissions. Most were simple but required using all your knowledge about the command.
Although sort etc were not on the Objectives list, a couple had come on arcane sort flags and disk usage variants.
I guess as a seasoned solaris user would've known these (but not me :) )

Prasanna Seshadri said...

Congrats, yes this exam is just to test the basics, so anything above 70% should be the ideal benchmark for experienced UNIX programmers.

The ACL questions were new to me as well, but I took a couple of practice tests which made life easy.

In addition to the certification, you will receive a cool badge from Sun for this, I like that :), anyways this is just a beginners exam, go on with advanced ones, you will have more fun :).

Lucky said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am a newbie to Solaris as well as to UNIX. I'd like to takeup this exam. Could you tell me if any books are available for this exam? Also Please share the links if you got any.

Thanks in advance,

Prasanna Seshadri said...


Go to, you will find the necessary info.

ESHWAR said...

Hi Prasanna,

I want to take this exam. But i don't have any docs realted to this . Is word document which they ve given is sufficient to get through. And i m familiar with the unix commands. Please send link otr dumps to get certification questions.

please give me ur email id.

Thank you.

ESHWAR said...

Hi akki, Prasanna,

Please send the documents.

ESHWAR said...

Please send Yaar.

an humble request.

Prasanna Seshadri said...

Are you a student, then you will find the necessary docs in

ESHWAR said...

No Re, I am not... I am a professional need to get certified on Solaris

Please send

pranjal.singh said...

Hi All ,

I am working on the Solaris Systems , it will be a great help if you can send me the study mateial /dumps for the SCSAS.


ESHWAR said...

hi Prasanna ,
Plz send dumps.

ESHWAR said...

Hi Prasanna,

plz send me ur mail id to

Prasanna Seshadri said...


For those who are asking for links, I can tell you that any basic books on Solaris will help your case, you mainly need to get familiar with basic commands like sed, awk etc and do some google search, I took some practice tests internally which helped me which I can't share.

Prasanna Seshadri said...

Ok, for those who are looking for preparation materials, I got one.

Go to (Sun Open Learning Center)

Register there, its free and then once you login, you will find the relevant training materials and presentations which are more than enough to get through the above exam.

Best of luck.

NIKHEEL said...

hi prasanna,

i m nikhil, i would like to pursue SCSAS as soon as possible.. can u give me some guidance and pls tel me relevant material to study for this certification... if u hav any pls send me at

pls help if u can..

Prasanna Seshadri said...

See the above comments, I have given pointers and links to it.

shibananda said...

I want some sample questions to make it a successful attempt. Any pointers to it will be highly appreciated.

Fernando said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fernando said...

hello dear,

would you mind to send me some material about the SCSAS (dumps questions) i already have done the exam, but i failed.

many thanks

Prasanna Seshadri said...


For those who are looking for resources to clear SCSAS certification, I have listed the links here which would help you and thats more than enough to get through this relatively easier exam, please go through all the comments.


Salty Bodice Ripper said...

Hi Prasanna

I got free voucher from my company to take Sun Associate. Im gonna have to say I'm a beginner in Sun. I took the 16 day course back in '06, Im using abit of Sun at work now, and now I bought the web based exam practice from Sun...and I wanted to know, A) if the exam format is the same as the web based exam practice format? B) Is the paper a killer for newbie with like 6 months experience?

Theres like 120 questions divided into 2 parts and I can rate my answers n check the incorrect ones. I can redo this test again and again but the problem is the questions are the same. I bought the web based test from Sun website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the information. For college students its a valuable guidance.
can you please post links for free practice exams.

PuneetKharbanda said...

Hi all,
i am Puneet . can anyone send me the dumps of 1.6 (SCJP)pls pls pls

Anonymous said...

HI Guys,

can you please send me a sun certified solaris associate dumps

my email -

Bimal palamakumbura.

ketan raut said...

HI Guys,

can you please send me a sun certified solaris associate (SCSA) 10 dumps

my email -

caddyee R.

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