Self Improvement: The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here I want to share my views about the books I read till date which made some difference to me and are also making a mark among readers with their uniqueness among plethora of writings available these days on virtually every subject, this one is for ambitious persons who want to accomplish their goals but need an organized way of approaching things, in general this book can be regarded as an excellent complimentary for Napoleon hill's inspirational writing "Think and Grow Rich" used by many over decades.

Even though this is a technical blog, but I still see some purpose of putting this here so that readers can benefit out of this in pursuing their endeavors, which may be technical accomplishments too (but not limited to of course).

The reading "The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich" appealed to me because of the following reasons.

1. Short, precise, and concise This book is just about 100 odd pages, so it won't take much to get the crux of the idea.

2. Lucid explanation of the steps Some of the key factors to success which you will find in "Think and Grow Rich" like Desire, Faith, Auto Suggestion, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence, Master Mind, Transmutation, Subconsious mind, Brian, Sixth sense are connected very well in this writing at the respective chapters and most importantly explains how each step when executed in the correct order would naturally lead to the habit of inculcating the other attributes of success, for example if you have STRONG desire, faith and organized plan, you will naturally be persistent, etc.

3. Practical and Logical steps I came through this e-book when I was recommended by one of my friend on the article "How to find what you love to do", if you love that reading you would appreciate "The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich" for sure because this is not a mere book, but also has practical exercises which one should follow in order to realize their dreams (like you should take notes whenever some idea strikes, always write, to-do lists, how to break a huge task into reasonable small chunks, etc).

4. It will work.. How far is up to the desire of the individuals but if you have a strong desire to get the best of this book for your self improvement or accomplishing your mission, then you will get more than the value of your money for sure.

5. Examples, inspirational success stories, etc Though you are strongly advised to go through Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" before proceeding this one, you can still grasp the examples in this book even otherwise. Most of the stories were examples of how organized execution would lead to accomplishment of your mission with inspiring stories of great persons over the centuries, which in turn would fuel the fire in your belly to accomplish your goals.

6. Supplementary workbooks and reports You would also get a free "The Hidden Secret Workbook" and a report "The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make With The Hidden Secret" with these you can evaluate your strengths, how you can use them to work for you and avoiding common pitfalls which you might make in setting your goals, also you would get a free electronic copy of "Think and Grow Rich".

Even though I am skeptical of too much examples, success stories, motivational and self improvement books, after reading this that perception changed quite a lot as this has very practical and proven ways to get where you want, also I recommend you to go through the self improvement articles of Brian which would make interesting and refreshing readings.

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