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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ever since I introduced jython to some of my friends, I found that there is no one stop comprehensive jython reference list which will make life easy for a jython programmer, especially a beginner. For newbies, jython is an implementation of CPython language in JVM through which one can access java classes in addition to standard python modules.

Since the idea of implementing scripting languages in java is now being explored rapidly than ever, its better to have some JVM scripting skills in the kitty, for those who prefer scripting, they can use java the way they want to without much hiccups in learning java completely to start with, for java programmers, scripting on JVM would ease out compexity of some mundane tasks which need not be so tightly bound to java (like unit testing). Even though there are other scripting flavours of jython like JRuby, Groovy, Rhino, Jacl, Beanshell, etc, I prefer jython, though it depends on the scripting language you are comfortable with, the choices are limitless.

One more good thing is renowned IDEs like Netbeans also have jython support, so java programmers need not come out of their favorite IDE to code in jython.

So where would jython be useful? I have used it for server side programming and unit testing till date, though there are lots of applications of jython ranging from testing to database to GUI programming, in fact it wouldn't be an over statement to say that jython has good reach like its counterpart CPython with useful applications developed in it.

Here are some useful references for you to start with. The below are some useful online references, which I have found useful, we will come to books later.

Jython Online and Book References:

1. Jython Introduction Part1 and Part2 by Barry Feigenbaum, from www.jython.org, the home page of jython (Make sure you first visit the old jython site, some visitors could easily get lost with vital resources which the old jython page provides, no its not obsolete).

2. Server side programming in jython: For beginners and advanced programmers.

3. Jython Unit testing tutorial, for those who are interested in writing unit tests in jython.

4. Jython Swing basics, introduction to GUI Programming in jython.

The below are some very useful jython book references (and my favorite ones too) which will explain all concepts of jython from a java as well as python programmers's perspective, its worth having it in the bookshelf, thanks to Google books as well.

1. Jython for Java Programmers.

2. Python Programming with the Java™ Class Libraries: A Tutorial for Building Web and Enterprise Applications with Jython.

3. Jython Essentials.

(List to be extended).

More to come from my side too, keep watching.

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