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Friday, July 4, 2008

There are perhaps hundreds and thousands (and more) of good Hacking and Security sites all over the world. The below list may not be complete, but one can get interesting articles and references from these sites.

1. www.hackersplayground.org

Go and play there.

2. www.binarii.com

Subscribe in this group and you will get the latest security related incidents, Security related books, white papers,etc.

3. www.deter.com/unix

Some useful codings (in Unix and Linux Security), research papers ,etc.

4. www.deathstar.ch/security

This is a site which couldn't be easily found in search. You can find a lot of information related to cryptography, E-mail security, etc.

5. www.linuxsecurity.org

Best site to learn about Linux Security.

6. www.securityfocus.com

Lots of Information related to Penetration testing, latest Vulneribility reports, etc.

7. www.packetstormsecurity.org

Good readings in all the fields of security ( like IDS , Cryptography, Firewalls, etc).

8. www.insecure.org

Open Source penetration testing tools like tools like nmap, various exploit code , etc.

9. www.research.att.com/~smb

Steven M. Bellovin's research papers.

10. www.astalavista.com

A Complete Security site.


ginko said...

Mac OS is also pretty damned good, but Apple is not the up and coming underdog that they want to be and they are not angelic. Some of their business practices are worse than MS. I have no problem buying TV Shows and songs, but the fact that you can transfer the media to only five hard drives and cannot burn TV Shows to a format that is DVD player watchable is total BS.

Anonymous said...

Few more Good Hacking Site


and all...

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