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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Customizing blogger post URL is another important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique I learned recently. URLs play an equally important role as blog titles in bringing you relevant ads for the content. In blogger though the URL length is fixed, one can still customize the post URL so as to get relevant ads for the content. The more specific the URL, the more relevant the ads will be.

Its common for someone using blogger to focus on an appropriate title for the blog, post contents and let URL take care of itself. Though blogger appends the fields of your title with '-' in deriving the URL and somehow removes filler words and articles to make your URL relevant, I noted some minor pitfalls due to blogger URL length restrictions which would ignore some important keywords in the post title.

For example if the title of your blog is "Search Engine Optimization".

the blogger post URL would be

Well and good, the URL is relevant to the title.

But if you have a title say "Advanced server side programming in java", can you guess what the URL would be, is it


Due to URL size limits, the title would be different. The following were the URLs I got when I had recreated the same post twice, note that the important keyword "java" is missed.

Also its a common practice to have attractive titles like "Top ten ways to improve your search engine rankings" to attract visitors, again as you guess the blogger URL for the above URL would be something like this.

missing the important keywords. If the length of the title exceeds the URL size restrictions, blogger would ignore the later part of your title and sometimes substitute random numbers to fill the URL part till its maximum limit is reached

Though this may not drastically affect the relevance of your ads, but why miss an important keyword in the URL.

Here are some steps I would recommend you to follow before posting your content in order to have a relevant URL which won't be missing your keywords.

1. As obvious, once you post an entry and modify its title any number of times, the blogger URL for that post would be the same as that derived from your first title. Therefore before you name your title for the blog, make sure you have a title which is URL friendly, post the blog, edit it, replace the URL customized title with your original title, as length restriction applies only for URL and not for title.

2. Always have important keywords in the beginning of the URL, chances are that longer the URL with keywords at the end, it may be ignored, also avoid using articles and filler words in the URL.

For example for the above title "Advanced Server side programming in java", before posting the content, I would do the following.

2.1 Make sure that all important keywords are preserved, the word "Advanced" in the above title doesn't have much relevance compared to other words, therefore the title for optimizing URL would be

"Server side programming in java"

then post the blog, make sure I get all keywords in the URL or else the post need to be deleted and the title needs to be reworked so that the important keywords won't be missed in the URL.

Similarly for the title "Top ten ways to improve your search engine rankings", the keywords which should have more weightage would be "Search engine rankings" than the first three words, which anyway the title takes care of.

2.2. Edit the blog again, replace the URL customized title with the original one, note that the URL will not change this time.

3. Another way to ensure that your URL remains intact (the way you want to be) is to create it by yourself in the title field the way blogger would do it for you otherwise, like "server-side-programming-in-java", "improving-search-engine-rankings" respectively for the above titles, in this way some articles and filler words may not be removed if you desire, but keep in mind the URL length restrictions.


Jen said...

Thank you for this - I've never run into this URL problem on Wordpress, though. Do some hosts allow for longer titles than others? I've had a few post titles that were, admittedly, pretty wordy.

Prasanna Seshadri said...

Hi Jen,

May be Wordpress doesn't have URL length restrictions, I noted many times that long titles create problems in blogger with random numbers appearing in post URL at the end.

I not sure whether any hosts allow for long titles, but the only long term solution would be to host our own blog to be free from such limitations.

Sarah said...

Is it possible to ever change the title of the url? I was not aware that blogger would do this and now I have a post titled "Parul" when it should be Parul's Famous Eggless Brownies....

Prasanna Seshadri said...

Hi Sarah,

The title you give for a blogger's post when you write an entry will be the title for the URL as well, in your case when you want to change the title of your post, just change the title of the blogger post when you compose.

Hope this answer's your question.

thartist said...

is there a way to have an old post get a NEW URL, no matter if the title is the same or not?

i mean, i may have a post that was firstly titled "Windows", so the url will be auto-generated as

So if i want to rename my post to "Windows Xp and Vista", can i have the url change to "" somehow? or is there any way to change the url?

thanks in advance.

Prasanna Seshadri said...


In your case, the only solution is to create a new post with the optimized URL and remove the old post as once you post the first time, the page will have the same URL irrespective of the number of times you change the title.

Nok Imchen said...

I think there should be some ways to rename a post even after it is posted....

BNS said...

Good tips. Please let me know if there's any update as I want to change my blog post URL without deleting my original post asit has lot of comments.

ustates05 said...

post URL will be generated automatically but with month and year on it. For example, your title is abcd and it's created on dec.2009, the URL will be

is there any way to get rid of 12/2009 from the URL?

love messages said...

Nice idea. I know the that thw url plays an important factor in SERP.
But hey, if we want to change an old url then???

Freebie 4 india said...

Nice post. But can i change existing url without deleting old post

Prasanna Seshadri said...

I am not sure about that,but you can have a re-direction or else create your new URL, copy the entry and link the old one to new.

Paula Thayrow said...

Very useful! Y cant we just have all these SEO black holes explained at the start. Now I have a whole load of articles with lousy URLs. Isn't it in google's interest for ppl to create optimized blogs?

Jeremias said...

Hi, i'm searching a long time for another optimization. Is there a way to have the labels in the url post?

Thanks in advance.

Safwan Ahmad said...

Thanks for info

Naruto Spoilers said...

hah! pretty slick trick!
but it's working just fine for me!

Alamat Bugtong said...

Great info!
2-thumbs up

Blogging Tips said...

Yes you are right once you cannot edit blogger URL once you posted it. So try to include some important keywords at the starting of blog title.

George Joe said...

thnx admin this is really useful

Bharat Sharma said...

Hi I want to change URL of my blog post, send me tips on my profile or in comments. Like Post URL is now and i want to change it with

Greg C. said...

Blogger platform = great
URL Constraints = bad

We love the blogger platform, but always struggle with the URLs. I like your tip to name it with keywords and "-" marks. Very good idea.

We will try this, thank you!

bernhold said...

Apparently, there is no size restriction anymore. Go to , edit an article, click revert to draft and click permalink to manually edit the permalink URL. You can set it to whatever you want.

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