Deleting a file which has owner nobody in Solaris

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yesterday when I was creating a new file from a remote system in an NFS mount directory and somehow tried to delete it, but I couldn't because the file owner name was nobody, as obvious even changing permissions didn't had any effect, I was puzzled for a moment to see the owner nobody, I was using Solaris 10 (but not much as I have seen noaccess user account before).

Then I realized that the only way I could delete the file is to login as nobody (from any remote system with root access using su - nobody) and could delete the file created in the NFS directory.

Since I was new to this nobody user concept in Solaris, after some research I came to know that NFS server creates a file name with owner nobody if someone logins from different machine as root and root access from that box is not allowed (otherwise you can delete or modify any files in NFS with just a root access from any box).

Coming to the topic of deleting files with owner nobody, in my understanding the only way to delete a file with nobody is to login as nobody from any box where you have root access and remove it, since it solved my case I didn't want to explore it any further until some need arises in the form of a new problem :)

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