The best way to stop Click Fraud - Don't do it

Saturday, May 17, 2008

When I was hearing about Google Adsense program, I learned about Click fraud (for those of you who don't know what's Click fraud, its a trick employed by an Adsense publisher by clicking ads placed on on their site through illegitimate means to earn more money through PPC) which is becoming a serious problem threatening to nullify the purpose of Adsense program, straining the relationship between Online search firms and advertisers and of course resulting in loss of money for advertisers using ethical means to promote their product.

Though I find many solutions and measures employed to prevent click fraud activities, I am convinced that unless people change, the problem is bound to go out of control.

Here are top reasons why one should not indulge in such unethical activities, though I hate advising, but its my responsibility to share this, I believe this and it will work for me, hope you too will.

1. You can make money without doing evil

Yes its one of Google's philosophy, but its applicable for all individuals as well, the stronger our ethics are, the more we can earn and what better example we need other than Google's proven success in making money without doing evil, therefore we should also strongly believe that we can earn in Adsense without doing evil and it will work.

2. Focus on the user and all else will follow

Another important success strategy employed so effectively by Google, we should focus more on adding value to the end users who spend their valuable time in our blog or our site's content, the greater the end user focus is, the more it will reflect on the results, we should therefore strive to create long lasting impression on users so that they remember and revisit our web for what they got from it, the rest will take care of itself by other means like more hits, word of mouth spread, ranking, etc which will greatly aid in making our web popular and ultimately we will get the expected results.

3. Be Loyal to the one who wants you to make money using Adsense

Adsense is a win-win-win program for publishers, advertisers and the search firm, the reason why search firms encourage us to use Adsense is that they expect our site to be a part of their advertising drive by having useful contents for visitors, and by misusing Adsense, we are disloyal to Google and indirectly contribute to their strained relationship with the affected advertisers and this is not the way to treat someone who have given the world a great search engine, GMail, blogger, Picasa and other exciting stuff for free,its something similar to being disloyal to our employers.

4. Don't contribute to the Death of Adsense

Adsense is a creative idea to expand advertising business with the belief that the more it spreads, the more it will do good for advertisers, search firm's business and the publishers, but by employing illegal practices to earn through Adsense, one tries to maximize their profit without doing any value add to other parties, which is unacceptable in a business and the more unproductive Adsense will be due to such practices, it will slowly sound a death knell to the program one day, which nobody including those responsible for that will appreciate, also it will prevent corporates in future to come up with such productive ideas due to the risks involved in it.

5. Last but not the least put yourself in the shoes of Advertisers

I am sure the pain of Adsense loss can be realized only when one runs an online business, advertising and finding new customers, as with every harmful activity people commit, the consequences won't be realized unless they become victims, but if one spares a thought for the advertisers and search firm's woes before commiting such activities and truly realize what effects it will have in the long run and take a smart decision, Click fraud will have its end of the roads soon.

Just to have some statistics, its been predicted that Click fraud contributes to $1 Billion yearly loss globally, nearly 16% of the advertisers are expressing this as a major concern and click fraud activities keeps raising 15% every year, the faster the figure raises, the sooner it will be the curtains for Adsense program I am sure that its not Adsense which should be a history in future, but the Click fraud.

Hopefully if these suggestions help somebody to think, then its worth it.

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